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Your Wedding

The best part of the wedding ceremony is the pronouncement, and for some people that's really enough — a nice set of vows taken from the Internet, a few words by the officient, a kiss, and it's done.

I'd like to help make your ceremony more than that. The words you say — your vows — and the words you hear from others can help you focus on the joys and strengths of your relationship, and make for a beautiful memory that will stay with you throughout your marriage.

Whether you want your ceremony to include a family tradition fron the old country or to be totally up-to-date, we'll work together to make the ceremony uniquely yours — one that reflects your personalities, your relationship and your love for each other, and provides your families and close friends with warm, cherished memories.

Creating the Ceremony

Your ceremony is about you: what you mean to each other, what you hope your life together will be like, what strengths you bring to support each other. There may be ethnic or family traditions that you want to build into your ceremony. There may be special people who you would like to include, or special readings, poems, or memories. Since no two couples are alike, no two wedding ceremonies should be alike either. That is why I develop each wedding ceremony, and each set of wedding vows, for the couple I am working with.

More times than I can count I've been told by the couple how right the ceremony was for them, or been told my family members that the ceremony was the most personal and moving they'd ever been to. I'd like to give you a ceremony that is just as special.

The wedding ceremonies I create are secular, Humanistic, and spiritual. They are secular because I don't bring into them any gods or supernatural beings. They are Humanistic because they proceed from the basis that only you are responsible for your marriage -- you chose each other and it is your commitment and love (and hard work) that will make the marriage successful. Spirituality is coming to be thought of as a journey intimately linked with the pursuit of personal growth or development. But it also is associated with the special feeling of being part of a supportive community with common values or common goals. Your ceremony is the beginning of the next phase of that journey, and will get you started with the love and support of the family and friends you invite to share your wedding with you.